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Who We Are

Rye Presbyterian Nursery School, located in the heart of Rye, New York, is a non-profit, non-denominational preschool for children ages two to five. RPNS is in its 63rd year of serving preschoolers in the community.


As a progressive preschool inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, we provide a play-based, half-day program. As we listen to children’s ideas, we build our curriculum. We work collaboratively with children to create long-term projects and investigations around their ideas, delving deeper into what interests the children. We integrate our goals for each child into our studies, so every child is nurtured, supported, and challenged.

​Our goal is to nurture each young child’s natural sense of curiosity and creativity. We help them develop the critical thinking skills necessary to become independent and enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Our Mission

We offer two, three, four, and five day classes, as well as the possibility of lengthening your child’s day through various extended day options.

To prepare our students for elementary school, we integrate goals from the New York State common core curriculum. We have learning goals for each age group. 

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