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School Day

We focus on developing skills in Language Arts/Reading Readiness, Mathematics, Science, Creative Arts, Physical Activity, Construction, Music and Movement, Current Events, Self Care and Socialization. The day is structured to include four essential components — free play, circle time, snack time and outdoor play. 

Free Play

Children explore classroom centers guided by their own interests. Our co-teachers listen and encourage each child to actively construct their ideas, to create new projects and to further develop ongoing investigations and project work.

Circle Time

This teacher-directed time is used to engage the children in activities that further their speaking and listening skills, sharing ideas and revisiting work from the day and planning what is next. It is a time that incorporates singing, rhymes, stories, games and much more.


Snack Time

Children gain independence by engaging in everyday activities like hand washing, setting the table, pouring their own drink and counting snack. Manners and conversations are practiced as the children interact and eat together. A healthy snack of water, fresh fruits or vegetables, and pretzels is provided. Our school is nut free.

Outdoor Play

Physical activity is incorporated into each day. Two extraordinary new playgrounds with climbing structures and sandboxes are onsite as well as a track for bicycle and tricycle riding. Outdoor play helps develop gross motor skills and social skills. A beautiful garden area encourages the children to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers, while caring for the earth. 

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