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Extended Day Options

We collaborate with different extended day programs that offer a variety of scheduling options. These complement the school day at RPNS and create a full day for your child. Children are brought directly to or from RPNS by the instructors of the extended day program. To sign up for these independent programs, please contact them directly. 

The Learn’ique Little Learners Kinder-Prep program is designed to support preschool-aged children in developing the skills they will need for Pre-K. Direct instruction and discovery play prepares children by supporting their development in the following areas: letter recognition, letter-sound association, pre-reading skills, and writing development. Additionally, children participate in pro-social activities pertaining to math and science. A packed lunch is provided from home and children are bused to and from RPNS.


Learn'ique Little Learners Program

Rye Nature Center 

RPNS students have the opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon exploring nature, learning about ecology, and having hands-on fun. The Rye Nature Center staff walk the children to or from RPNS. A packed lunch is provided from home. The Rye Nature Center 47-acre preserve, visitor center full of animals, and hiking trails leading to ponds and a quarry, offer your child the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of and respect for the natural world. 


Rye Playschool Lunch Bunch 

The Rye Playschool Lunch Bunch program provides a warm, caring environment for students to extend their day with fun, interesting projects and enrichment activities designed to reinforce skills and knowledge learned in class. The goal is to develop strong interpersonal skills between students while bolstering self-confidence and an awareness of the world around them. Rye Playschool is located in the same building as Rye Presbyterian Nursery School. Children are delivered to or picked up from their RPNS class by the Rye Playschool teachers. Students bring a packed lunch from home.  

Rye Arts Center

The Rye Arts Center program provides an environment for preschoolers to explore their creative potential while being exposed to a truly educational experience. The program creates a well-balanced extended day with classes that include drawing, painting, clay, mixed media, creative movement, storytelling, music, and more. A packed lunch is provided from home. Children are walked to and from RPNS.   

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